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Welcome Everybody!

It’s been a little while since I posted anything, but I just wanted to repost this ‘welcome’ post for all the new people that have started to follow me recently. So… ‘HI! HELLO! HOLA!’!

I’ll be doing my best to update this tumblr on a regular basis…and by regular I mean semi regular. As I have mentioned before…I work a lot. In essence I work a full time job and freelance as a comic colorist, so I don’t get much down time for personal art stuffs. Hence why my Deviant Art gallery has been so dead for so long.

I do get the chance to doodle and sketch now and again, and this is where most of that work will be posted. I also reblog interesting things from other artists and far more interesting people then I…and there is the occasional random non-art related posts of stuff that I just find amusing or important.

But well, that is about it :) Thanks for adding me to your watch lists! Hopefully I’ll get to posting some cool and worthy stuff for you to feast your eyes upon. But for now…you’ll just have to suffer thru my sketchy crum doodles and fandom art. 

~M-Zilla - Sayda